Things to Consider Before Buying An Electric Vehicle

EVs have their benefits. They’re better for the planet, very efficient, require less maintenance, and offer better overall performance. But switching to them is a big step. Consider the following points before you drive one home.


Most EVs now offer about 200 miles on a full charge. That should be enough to quell any range anxiety for most drivers on their daily commute. The only cars with more range are Teslas. So if you’re driving over 200 miles daily, stick to conventional cars for now.

Home Charging

Yes, you can simply plug your car in at the end of the day, and it’ll be ready to go in the morning. No more trips to the gas station. But if you use a standard Level-1 110-volt outlet, it’s going to recharge at the rate of 4 miles per hour. If you install a 240-volt Level-2 outlet, you can recharge 25 miles of range per hour. But check out the costs and compliances first.


The price of electricity depends on where you live. The average price is 13.28 cents per kilowatt-hour, with 9.5 cents in Louisiana and 19.79 cents in California. It still costs less than gas for a car in the same segment. Home charging is also cheaper than public charging. Ask your local utility company for details.

Public Charging Stations

Charging at home is very convenient. But you may need access to public charging stations that can charge your car to 80% in less than 30 minutes. Your EV also needs to be compatible with fast-charging. So search your area for public charging stations and the type of charging they support.

Road Trips

All EVs can be taken on road trips. What matters is how convenient it is. If your EV has a range of 200 or 300 miles, then you may be ready to take a break when your EV needs to be charged too. Just plan your trip to ensure there are charging stations along your route.


EVs require less maintenance than conventional cars. There are no fluids to change, the friction brakes last longer thanks to regenerative braking, and the EVs battery and motor tend to outlast the car.

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