Safe Driving: The Best Winter Tires for Driving in the Snow

All-season tires are not ideal for places that experience ice, snow, and slush. What you really need during these times is a good set of winter tires. They use specialized rubber compounds and tread designs that maximize traction in freezing temperatures and on icy surfaces. Winter tires also have specially engineered grooves, channels, and biting edges that dig into the snow and drive water away from the contact patch.

They are available in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find a set for passenger cars, high-performance cars, SUVs, and trucks too. The price of these tires depends partly on the size you need. For safety, you should only fit winter tires in sets of four and, ideally, have them mounted on a separate set of steel or alloy wheels so that they’re ready to be installed. Here are some of the best winter tires available in the market.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

These winter tires perform well under braking. This is the most important requirement of winter tires. They’re a little more expensive than others, but you’ll realize that they’re worth every cent when the weather gets bad. Since WS90s are also available, you can expect to get a little discount on these older variants.

Dunlop Winter Maxx WM02

These are the second generation of the Dunlop Winter Maxx tires. They have an asymmetric tread that helps it run quietly. They work well in case you’re on a budget without any compromise in quality. Even the previous generation of these tires matched the braking performance of the best winter tires.

Continental VikingContact 7

This is an all-new offering from Continental and possibly one of their best. These tires contain a specialized rubber compound with canola oil that helps them stay more flexible in extremely cold conditions. They have a ton of biting edges and sipes in their tread patterns that makes for maximum snow traction.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

This tire has been available for a long time and is one of the most well-rounded offerings on the market. It handles braking, acceleration, and handling well in tricky conditions. You pay a premium for these, but you also get a set of excellent quality tires.

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