Car Rental: Use These Tips to Save Money

If you’ve been renting cars, you’re probably tired of paying amounts that are far higher than those advertised by the rental agencies. Here are some tips that should help you save money on your next rental.

Book Early

If you’ll be traveling during peak season, try and book in advance to ensure that you get a great price and get the car you booked as well.

Avoid Airports

If possible, choose a rental agency that’s not at the airport to avoid paying expensive extra taxes and fees. Renting from the city is often much cheaper.

Use Your Credit Card

Plenty of credit cards offer car rental insurance. Or sometimes, your existing car insurance will also cover rental insurance. Check with both and understand the details.

Use Your Memberships

Your AAA, Costco, or BJ’s Wholesale memberships can save you a lot of money on car rentals. Check with the rental agency for any perks that you can get with your membership.

Book Through Discount Sites

Check online for discounts on car rentals. You may be able to use your Costco or AAA memberships for further discounts in this case.

Bundle Deals

Check for car rental packages and bundles with hotels and airfare designed to help you save money. But remember to check the details because you don’t want unpleasant surprises.

Check Cancellation Fees

Prepaying can save you money. But check cancellation terms first because you may lose most or even all of it in case you need to cancel or modify your booking.

Spot the Dents

Review the car carefully before driving away. Take photos and notes of any dents, scratches, or damage that was already there. This proof will save you from any allegations and damage charges.

Use Your Car Seats

If you’re traveling with a baby, you will need a car seat. Rental agencies charge a lot of money for these. It may be cheaper to bring along your own child car seat, or it may even be cheaper to buy one.

Pay Tolls in Cash

Rental companies charge daily convenience fees in addition to the tolls. It’s easier to prepay the toll yourself online or pay cash.

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