Sedans: 5 Things to Check During Test Drives

Sedans can match most budgets, driving styles, and size requirements. If you’re looking for one, here are things to check on your next test drive.

Cargo Space

Most people check the size of the cargo area. But it’s also important to check its shape. Two sedans may have the same cargo volume available, but the height and width can be different enough to majorly impact practicality. If there’s something you regularly carry, like a golf bag or a pair of skis, check whether they fit in the cargo area. You’d rather find out which car works well for your needs before you end up committing rather than adjust your lifestyle later.

Highway Handling

Your sedan will likely be the car you use for your daily commute, road trips, and highway cruises. So, get on a highway and get to the speed you usually drive at. Turn off the music and listen to the road and wind noise inside the car.

Hit Bumps

It’s a test drive. So aim for the worst parts of the road and see how the vehicle handles them. Check if the impact is isolated to one side or if it unsettles the whole car. Gauge whether it was cushioned or if it rattled your bones. Also, check whether the vehicle remained in control and settled down quickly or if that bump set off a series of random movements.

Rear Space

Adjust the driver’s seat to your usual position. Now sit behind the driver’s seat and see how much space the rear passenger will have. Will it be enough for anyone who rides with you to be comfortable?


All new cars come equipped with sensors, cameras, and technology that will warn you if you’re about to hit something. Despite all that, any vehicle that you will drive regularly needs to be easy to see out of. The visibility from the front and sides is extremely important. Check for any major blind spots and examine the view from the rear windows. If you’re considering a sporty coupe-type sedan, their sloping rooflines can compromise rear visibility. See if the driver’s seat adjusts for height and which position offers the best visibility for you.

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