9 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hatchback

People dismiss hatchbacks as impractical. But these are people who haven’t really understood the many benefits that hatchbacks offer. Here’s why you should buy a hatchback.


The latest hatchback models are a far cry from old models. Today’s models offer a lot of space for passengers and a practical amount of cargo space too. Cargo can be stacked vertically, or the rear seats can be folded forward to accommodate bulky items.


Sedans have a trunk lid, and SUVs have a high loading lip that limits access to the cargo space. These are not issues you’ll face with a hatchback. The vertically-opening hatch offers easy access, and the low height makes it even more comfortable.


Hatchbacks are no longer dull and boring. They are fresh, have interesting designs, and a lot of style. There’s also a variety of options available to suit everyone’s tastes.


Hatchbacks are cheap to buy. They cost less than sedans and SUVs. They’re also cheap to live with and make great affordable everyday cars. Don’t take our word for it. Look for reviews online.


Ever heard of hot hatches? These are high-performance versions that look like regular hatchbacks but can give sportscars a run for their money. They still retain the hatchback practicality, comfort, and fuel economy too.


If you live in a city, driving a big car can be painful. Parking space is always hard to find, as well. That’s not really a problem when you have a hatchback. They’re big inside but small outside and can fit into tight spaces easily.


Parallel parking is an art that a lot of people haven’t mastered. Hatchbacks make tasks like this easy thanks to their compact size and limited overhangs. Imagine doing that in a car that extends far ahead and behind you like a saloon or SUV.


Hatchbacks are cheap to buy, and they’re cheap to repair. That combination makes them cheap to insure. If you go in for a more expensive car, insuring it will cost more.


Most hatchbacks offer a decent passenger and storage space, making them great for small families. The boot can also carry prams and baby changing bags easily.

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