7 Reasons Why You Should Buy an SUV

If you’re interested in cutting costs, a smaller vehicle will help you do that. But there are times when a big SUV is the perfect car for the job. Here’s why you should consider buying an SUV.

Moves More People

If you have a big family, an SUV can help you move them all at one time instead of owning more cars or burning more fuel by making multiple trips. You could even save on cab fare. One trip in an SUV will reduce the money your big family spends on cars, fuel, and parking.

Fuel Consumption

SUVs were known to be thirsty gas-guzzling monsters. Those days are gone. Now, it’s normal for SUVs to deliver 30mpg in the city and on the highway. You could even get a hybrid.


Since the SUV is the best selling vehicle for families today, manufacturers have equipped new models with the latest safety features. Their size also makes them safer than a smaller car in the event of a collision.


If any of your hobbies require you to tow a trailer, bikes, or a boat, you’re going to need an SUV. Most have towing capabilities built-in, and their powerful engines make towing effortless.


SUVs have the transmission, suspension setup, and ground clearance that make them excellent off-road vehicles. They also have underbody protection, special tech like hill descent control, and low range gears that help them traverse conditions that would break other cars. So, if you like off-road adventures, you need an SUV.


If you have a furry companion, you know that you can’t leave them behind. In a regular car, they’ll take up the entire rear seat and may even disrupt driving. You may not be able to secure them to ensure their safety either. But SUVs have enough space to turn the cargo bay into a comfortable, safe space for your pets during road trips.

High Ground Clearance

The number of hurricanes and storms hitting the country is going up every year. When the streets flood, your SUVs’ high ground clearance, and water-wading abilities will ensure that you don’t get stranded and can always make trips for essential supplies.

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